Madras skatepark location:

On the corner of SW H Street and SW Marshall Street, Madras, Oregon, 97741

Divisions: U10 (Under 10 years old Boys and Girls), Youth (11-16 years old Boys and Girls), Open (17+ years old Men and Woman **May include younger extremely talented riders)

Transitional Skate: U10 skate in small bowl and big bowl, Youth skate in big bowl and Open skate in big bowl. Heats are comprised of 30 second individual runs for U10/Youth and 45 second individual runs for Open division.

Street Jam: All divisions skate on the street course. All divisions are comprised of Jam style heats: 3 skaters ride for 3 minutes on the street course.

What judges are looking for: Style, speed, flow, difficulty of tricks, variety of maneuvers and commitment.

Scoring: Riders score is the average of the 3 judges scores and their overall impression of the rider's runs. Overall impression means that a rider is judged on all their runs in the Heat and not just their best run.

Schedule of Events - May 19, 2019